Eyes all over your business, one on one support, people who actually care and a process that gives you results

Do you:

Have an established business – you know your business can grow, but you’re not quite sure how to do this?

Want to learn more? You’re willing to do more and take your business to the next level, but you’re working so hard IN your business you can’t find time to work ON your business.

Want to improve your systems and make more money but you’re not sure where to start?

Feel you’ve hit a wall in your business? You are questioning your next steps, feeling burnt out, and/or in need of a serious makeover.

Need to iron out team challenges or maybe just get the right team engaged?

Want to get more time and sanity back in your week or create a better work-life balance?

MOJO works to impact small business through empowering the growth of purpose-driven ventures and supporting the impact on people.

Our philosophy is simple.

Successful business has:

Strong foundations

Purposeful strategy  

Clear plans for delivery

Wizardry in the execution

Demonstrated values and 

Your teams are empowered

Our framework works at various levels of your business to assist you to master each of these elements, using proven tools and strategies:

Business Coaching

We work with owners and managers to build the foundations


We work one on one with leaders to develop  critical leadership skills, in your business


We assist in building the right culture for best team performance


We use these tools to help people in your business excel

Recruit \ Talent

We find and develop the team that will help your business thrive


We use technology to streamline the experience and information provided by your customers

We help small businesses to thrive. Through our unique and tailored combination of scalable solutions, we enhance business viability, strengthen teams and support a balanced outcome. We aim to provide you with the right advice, the right partners, the right team and the right direction.

Your business is our business. First we get to know you through an alignment process. Through this process we provide you with tangible deliverables you can implement straight away. You will see measurable results immediately, with solutions that are specific to your needs.


When you choose Mojo, you are ensuring the future of your company with the assistance of skilled and experienced experts working as leading small business consultants.

We build your Wizardry so you can develop great skills in the areas you need them. Deliberately playful, Mojo and Wizardry go hand in hand. One of our values is fun and although our business is based on seven core values, FUN is really important to us and we try to engender it in all that we do. We’re a fresh perspective. We help you think through complicated problems, identify your blind spots, and see new opportunities. We make it a point to begin with the end in mind – 

A sustainable business working for you and those impacted by it.

All our services are here to encourage, support, guide, motivate and inspire you to be a better leader and maximise the performance of your business, through the power of WIZARDRY.

We also have a variety of team training programs that can be delivered for you and your team on HOW to achieve success. Many of our clients use our Profiling process for the team to better understand more about themselves and how to most effectively communicate and work with each other.

We offer this in a variety of ways but run as a full day program for a small group can prove to be a brilliant catalyst to lasting transformation.

Building your Business is our Business - What we do

When a business is in alignment, that means that all levels and all participants are clear about the organization's purpose and make decisions in accordance with it.
Most people who start a business, do so with a very good understanding of their product, trade or profession. Sometimes, however the process of discovering that there is so much more to know, is not easy and the journey and time taken to gear up can significantly diminishes the business capacity often being exhausting and leaving many business owners wondering why they bothered getting into business in the first place. Generally, your business exists to provide money to do the things you want and give you the time to do them, working together with us you will deepen your confidence in all business aspects; create clarity aligned to your dreams and goals; you'll find time you thought lost and embody what you are working towards, to take your businesses (and life) to the next level.

To launch this journey we carry out an Alignment process.

Alignment: Through this process we take a comprehensive view of the current state of your business, we help you get clarity on your strategy and long-term goals. The process will identify your business and also personal goals, your business challenges, target market characteristics, and business practices currently in place, most importantly an action plan will be developed to identify and align the activities and identify opportunities for you and your team to ensure you achieve your goals.

Coaching: During regular coaching sessions the action plan will be reviewed, strategies will be worked on, holding you accountable and giving you advice along the way knowledge will be developed and motivation built all with the aim of helping you to implement those opportunities you identified on you plan. Periodically well carry out a more comprehensive review and literally take stock of your achievements ticking off the ones completed, and reviewing and maybe redefining those that require further work. We also set goals for the next period and review annual and further out our goals, to make sure we are still happy with that direction.

Additional Services: In addition, we can provide half or whole day sessions on sales training, marketing training, management training, culture and team building, provide mentoring, recruitment or psychometrics depending on what is needed to help move your business forward The MOJO combination of various different business enhancement processes are designed to ensure you no longer have to wonder what you’d do if you had more clarity and confidence in your businesses, you’ll see what changes come about in your life and businesses when you allow yourself to truly open up, free from any blocks or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from growing a thriving business We help you to know how but to build a thriving business that aligns to who you are, one that blends strategy with operational workings; that serves and supports you and your customers and clients, and that also allows you to enjoy the rest of your life (without burning out in the process).