Business Coaching

Business coaching looks at how to do business better, more efficiently and effectively, so that the business can grow.

Through our business coaching framework we help small businesses bring more rigour to their business strategy and processes, while maintaining the agility needed for innovation and creativity.

Just like an athlete needs a coach to help see their blind spots and provide clarity and guidance along the way, you want a business coach to do the same for you.

Our coaching process deals with all aspects of your business health. We analyse where your business is currently and work with you to identify what you want to achieve. We show you what is possible and where you could grow your business and how.

So if you’re willing to work to make that happen and ready to get some very candid feedback (especially the things you’d rather not hear!), then Mojo BUSINESS COACHING is ready to help.

6 Steps to MOJO Business Wizardry

Mojo Business Wizardry is concerned with business excellence.

Our approach works on the basis that business excellence requires wizardry in three distinct but overlapping areas. We have identified these as

Business functionality, Business Identity and your Business Being or Persona.

While each area has unique elements and we have specific programs which focus on each area, all the areas naturally and seamlessly overlap and in business coaching in particular your journey will cover all areas .

Our winning formula is to Build business skill, define and shape identity and develop being 

In Business Coaching although the primary focus or lens  in developing your Wizardry is enhancing Business functionality  –  that is developing great skill in specific areas of business,  business identity and who you are and how you conduct business will be woven throughout your coaching journey. Our coaching process designed to work through the following six elements in order, enhancing your skill in each element as we go, however we also tailor the coaching to meet your specific needs and requirements

1) Business Identity

It is essential in business to know WHO you are as a business, what industry you are in, who your competitors are and your strategy for success. Your success will be determined by the structure and strategic management of the above things.

2) Financials

This is an essential skill so you can fund the company in its existence and ultimately growth. There is the Compliance aspect which includes your financial accounting and responsibilities to the ATO. There is financial reporting (internal aspect) to ensure your business is profitable and successful. Finally, forecasting and budgeting to ensure you can quantify and measure your success.


3) Operations


How efficiently and effectively is your business operating? Are you utilising your processes and procedures the best way, effectively using your software solutions and people and teams? How effective is your supply chain and the quality of your product\service? It is also essential to ensure you have the appropriate insurances and WHS in place.

4) Marketing

Who are your markets? Do you really know who you are selling to? How are you creating the strategy to get to these markets? Are you doing the simple things right and do you know what the next steps are?


5) Human Resources 

How do you ensure you set your team up for success? What Employee Policies and induction do you perform? Is every team member clear on their roles, responsibilities and KPI’s? What contingency plans do you have in place for staff turnover (Skills and Knowledge Management)?

6) Sales

Businesses usually focus on this area before they are ready! Do you have a sufficient CRM that is helping your sales process? Are you clear on what sales insights and targets are appropriate? Is your strategy aligned with the right KPIs?