Whatever you are doing in your business, your business culture is at the heart and centre of things. You may not be fully aware of how it impacts your business or you may think you’ve created a particular culture, but you might be surprised to find that your staff or customers see it differently to you.

We believe fundamentally that the key to a successful organisation is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs that are supported by strategy and structure. We call this having a constructive identity.


For developing a 

“Constructive Identity”

 Define & communicate your                             Values Vision & Purpose Story 

Enhance  your                                Practices & Goals

Strengthen  your                                         People & Environment    

A company’s values are the core of its culture.

Core values serve as the foundation for your company’s culture and set the ground rules for each and every member of your team.

Do you practice what you preach? Do you model what you want to see?

Coherent culture requires people who either share its core values or possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values.

Does your vision or mission statement guide your business values and provide it with purpose?

Values are of little importance unless they are enshrined in a company’s practices, baked into the operating principles of daily life in an organisation, all of which need to be in line with the company’s goals.

Environment shapes culture – your environment, whether geography, architecture or design, impacts the values and behaviours of people in a workplace. And because the people are a crucial part of your culture, we are stringent and fanatical about recruiting new employees who are not just the most talented, but also the best suited to the business culture.

Every organisation has a history, a unique story. Whether formal or informal, it is more powerful when identified, shaped and retold as part of a company’s ongoing culture.

We’ll explore your business development STORY and leverage it to help underpin the strength and uniqueness of your cultural identity.

Our services, are designed to help business owners identify strategic and practical key business accelerators to improve their people, processes and technologies, as well as themselves. this strong,  constructive identity forms the business CULTURE 

Cultural Dig

What we Offer

Constructive Identity Assesment

Element Alignment

Leadership development

Find out your Cultural Health, using our unique assessment tool


Based on the input from a tailored cultural health assessment we will work with you in the enhancement of   various elements of your business ensuring each is aligned  in terms of your unique business  culture. These processes may involve  coaching orand or mentoring, generally involves team building and system reviews. Element alignment aligns the different areas of your business identity into a constructive and sustainable model.

At the heart of constructive identity is strong, WIZARD-LIKE leadership. MOJO coaching and mentoring processes develop your WIZARD-LIKE  leadership skills to be cognisant of and  a natural part of your self-expression.