At Mojo we approach mentoring from a perspective of leaders and leadership support. We see this as relevant for all parts of a business, if not for your life in general. Whether you’re a leader or you are a member of a team being lead, there is value in examining your role in leadership.

There are many approaches to learning about leadership.

What we know is usually people  don’t actually  develop reliable natural leadership skills just by trying to emulate the characteristics or styles of noteworthy leaders, nor does it necessarily follow that people have leadership skills just by virtue of being in a leadership position or position of authority

If you are not being a leader, and you try to act like a leader, you are likely to fail.

Whether you are an experienced leader, wanting to seek out fresh perspective, or new to leadership our mentoring approach will see you examining and considering your specific as-lived or as-experienced situations, revealing insights and providing you with access to new ways of operating. 

Our mentoring framework helps to give you and your team the confidence you’ll need to execute your new plans. We concentrate on building skills in being – thereby developing what we at MOJO call Being Wizardry.

With extensive experience in business, our mentoring partners have often encountered similar issues or some version of it throughout their working career, and are skilled in delivering support and guidance. Also our mentors  use an Ontological Approach to leadership, which means they concern themselves with the very nature and function of being a leader. The combination of these approaches provides for very powerful results.

We provide a space that allows you to open to new domains of action, to dare to unlearn those practices that limit your results and satisfaction, and to generate networks for help and collaboration. You’ll look at your overall abilities and your lack of abilities and competencies – with sincerity and honesty.

 All of us have constraints and shaping imposed by our network of ideas, beliefs, biases, social and cultural ideology. We also have taken-for-granted assumptions which we (knowingly or unknowingly) apply, relative to what it is to be a leader and what it is to exercise or receive leadership effectively.

An Ontological approach suggests that who a person is being shapes their perceptions, emotions, creative imagination, thinking and planning. That personal best in any situation, arises from who you are being. To reach your personal best your actions need to be consistent and aligned. In other words, you need to be authentic in what you say and what you do.

Our mentoring relationships work with you to create for yourself (or re-examine for yourself) what it is to exercise personal best, particularly in leadership, and to express this effectively and effortlessly.

Used alongside our powerful business coaching framework or as a standalone support service. mentoring can be a powerful option for either you or specific team members, to help you to reach your goals.