History and Foundation

As business owners, we know there isn’t a clear distinction between life and business. Running a business isn’t something you just do in business hours, it’s a major part of your life and always in the back of your mind, even when you know it shouldn’t be. Employers and employee aren’t robots, but people, all human facing challenges making mistakes and learning from them.

The MOJO Solutions team has been through those times, both professionally and personally. What we know now is invaluable to those wanting to build strong sustainable, enduring businesses, which put people at the centre. We want to work together with you to help you succeed. We do this through a variety of tools, skills and processes but all encompass sharing the lessons we’ve learned.


We deliver to our clients and our team by practicing what we preach. We foster trust through transparency, authenticity and consistency. We do this by sticking to our values and our purpose. From every service or product we provide, every piece of content we create, or every aspect of our business, we ensure that we remain true to our core values. This enables us to make a real and positive difference to the lives of people we engage with and to the lives of our own team.