Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

When is the right time to recruit staff? 

What role do I need to fill? 

What do we really need? 

Is the business ready? 

Am I ready? 

 Recruitment should be part of your overall business strategy and requires future planning and consideration.

We’ll sit down with you to look at the big picture and help determine not only who you need in your business, but when is the right time to start the process.

How do I select the right person? What should I be looking for?

Mojo Recruit will make sure that the position advertised meets not only your business needs, but that the candidates are the right fit for your culture. We can do this because we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of you and your business.

Mojo Recruit is a specialty arm of Mojo Solutions. Mojo Recruit has evolved from our extensive experience in coaching and mentoring businesses like yours.

How do I find time for recruitment?

We’re here to ensure that you spend less time on recruitment, and that the time you do spend is efficient and productive.

Why is the right fit so important in small business?

At MOJO Recruit we have taken the time to carefully consider all the people we deal with in our recruitment process – the business itself, the candidates and our own people. From this we have created a uniquely designed process that not only ensures a great cultural fit with people we are placing, but also a highly enlightening and creative journey along the way.

In a small business, every member of your staff is critical.


One thing businesses sometimes get wrong is that they look for the wrong qualities in their next team member.

If you keep simply replacing someone that has left, without really getting clear on your vision, you quite often just select someone you like, or that you think will continue the role the way it’s always been done. This results in high staff turnover, a team that is not aligned with your vision and becomes a revolving recruitment door which leads to far greater ongoing costs. 

How we work with Employers


It doesn’t matter what your needs or requirements are – we have a solution that will work for you. We take the time to learn your company values and culture and we are able to tailor a recruitment plan that is unique to your needs.

One of the key steps in our process that is built into ALL our packages is Video Screening. This is a unique service that makes shortlisting that much easier. It enables you to get more insight into your candidates to really ensure a strong fit for your business and makes shortlisting more accurate.

For those businesses that want us to be more involved, the Group Interview is a fantastic service that saves you time and money. Run by an experienced facilitator you will get a really clear picture of your candidates in a group setting, with a process that is tailored to your business and the role itself.

We will utilise some or all of the key stages below for your unique process.


Business/Job Diagnostic

We conduct a mentoring session with you to discover your core company values and the key role attributes for the position you are seeking. This ensures we both understand in depth the role that your business requires. This also allows us to design the best recruitment plan.

Job Creation

After getting to know your company needs, values and the role requirements, we create a tailored job ad designed to attract the right candidates that are a fit for your business as well as the role.

Video Screening

Unique video screening ensures role alignment from the outset and makes the shortlisting process much more accurate.

Candidate Evaluation

You can have as much or as little control over this process as you desire. All applicants will be contacted and acknowledged once their application is received. We can then evaluate and undertake the entire shortlisting process for you or hand the process over to you to complete this part yourself.

Group Interviews

Working with you throughout the entire process, a structured group interview is facilitated to learn which candidates will work best in the role and fit your culture. This not only saves time but enables you to see candidates in a group environment which more naturally allows them to be themselves. We will debrief with you post interview so you feel comfortable with your candidate selection.


We work with you to conduct 121 interviews in a face to face environment. This can be done in person or via video conferencing depending on your needs. We can also record video interviews allowing you to review them later and share them with other decision makers no matter where they are located.

Behaviour Profiling

If you want greater insight into your candidates we can conduct candidate profiling on 1 or more applicants. Utilising tools such as the DISC Profile, we are able to provide a deeper picture of who your candidate is, which is particularly important for executive positions and/or those larger management roles.

Reference Checks & Finalising

We conduct full reference checks on your final candidate and let all unsuccessful candidates know the outcome, ensuring a good experience with your brand regardless of job outcome. We then hand over to you or can complete the entire process for you from interview feedback for candidates to police checks and contracts.

Benefits of using Mojo Recruit

We have a strong belief at Mojo Recruit that ‘cultural fit’ in a business is vital and this underlies everything we do. Because we work with you to understand your business and what it needs to thrive, we only shortlist people that truly fit not only the role, but your company.


It is our goal to create a lasting relationship with you and your company by providing a first-class recruiting system that is affordable, efficient and effective. This means less cost to you, less staff turnover and employees that care about your business.


Expert advice – we understand that recruitment is not your area of expertise, and it shouldn’t have to be. We know business and we know people. And we are confident that the person we find for your business will be the RIGHT person.